Monday, September 7, 2015

Why Don't They List The Records On TV Shows' Soundtracks Like On Movies'?

Some TV shows have a lot of really great pop records on their soundtracks. They've been doing this for a while now -- the earliest example I can recall at the moment is "Scrubs," which started in 2001. Before that, a sitcom or a TV drama would feature a snippet of a good pop record now and then. But "Scrubs" drenches you in good music. It's like before & after American Graffiti in the movies.

Come to think of it, "Alias" started doing the same thing in 2001 also.

But there's a crucial difference here between the movies & TV, and that's why I'm writing this post: the movies list all of the records at the end of the credits. With TV shows, apparently they don't want anybody to know what all that wonderful music was. There ought to be some complete list of all of the music from "Scrubs" or from "Ray Donovan."

Actually, I think there is such a listing somewhere on the Web for Scrubs, but the show's producers didn't put it out: a fan, out of the goodness of his or her heart, tracked down each and every record on every episode and put it on a website --

Oh you know what, it looks like somebody made a site like that for all TV shows. Harrumph. Well, good, and about time! (Has that site been there for like 12 years?... 5 years, apparently.) (And for all I know it's just 1 of many such sites. Key phrase here, as usual with me: "I don't know.")

And that song that played over the closing credits of last night episode of "Ray Donovan," that I couldn't find by googling the lyrics, is "The Evil That Men Do" by Diz and the Fam.

I never heard of Diz and the Fam before this, but when I heard that song last night I suspected that some crusty old white guys from the cast of "Ray Donovan" might be involved in its production. No, Diz of Diz and the Fam is not Jon Voigt. Not quite that crusty. But it is Dash Minok, who plays Bunchy on the show. Here's another clip from Diz and the Fam, featuring beaucoup celebrity cameos in the video:

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