Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Arrest Trump For Inciting Violence

Here's an idea for #StopTrump: How about if someone enforces the law? Last night Donald Trump said that if anyone but him is the GOP nominee for President, there will be riots. There have already been riots, in case no one else has noticed, and it's this asshole's fault, and there are laws against inciting violence. Trump's security people should be arrested too, for multiple counts of assault and battery, in case no one else has noticed, and someone should look into the possibility of an indictment against Trump for encouraging their behavior as well.

After a man was arrested on Saturday for rushing the stage at a Trump rally in Ohio, I saw headlines saying "Trump Considering Paying Legal Bills For Attacker." At first I thought this meant that Trump was going to pay the bills for the man who rushed the stage. That would've been something known as a gentlemanly gesture: a powerful person showing mercy toward someone angry at him. Showing that he's above holding a grudge.

That certainly didn't sound like Trump, and sure enough, no, the attacker the story referred to, whose legal bills Trump said he might pay, is the guy who cold-cocked a protester who was being dragged out of a Trump event a few days earlier, that crazy old coot who after the assault said "We might have to kill him if he comes back." Whom police didn't arrest until a viral video shamed them into doing so. And by the way, have the security people who were holding that guy when he got punched and then wrestled him, not his attacker, to the ground -- have they been arrested? Are they at least being investigated? If not, why not?

What exactly are people waiting for? How far does this bright-orange schmuck have to go before he has to start paying for it? The longer people put off doing anything about him, the harder it will be to do anything. More people should have stood up to and spoken out against Trump 30 years ago, then we wouldn't be in this mess today. Shoulda woulda coulda, the time is now.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way: Occupy Democrats have a petition you can sign asking Obama to have Trump arrested for inciting violence. But why should the President even have to get involved? What are the local law enforcement people across the US waiting for?


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