Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Great Big Fat Guy, Day 138

In order to make a salad which Great Big Fat Guy would really like, rather than just eating it to be good, we took the bus to Flavor Town.

Instead of lettuce, arugula. If you're wondering what arugula is: if you're like me, arugula is something which will make you ask: why does anybody ever eat lettuce?! It's a leafy green vegetable with a strong, spicy flavor. So, the salad was mainly arugula. A big bowl full of arugula. This was a big salad. A medium-sized tomato and a small white onion were chopped up and added.

Then, the salad was topped with: 3 pieces of Wasa Crisp n Light 7 Grain Crackerbread, crushed up to make croutons; a sprinkle of parmesan cheese (the good stuff: the cheap Kroger's store brand from the clear plastic container with the green plastic lid, grated, not shredded, and not the gourmet stuff that costs 4 times as much), blue cheese dressing, and -- a tin of anchovies. All the olive oil from the tin went into the salad, then the anchovies were chopped up and added.

THAT, my friends, was a FLAvorful SAlad! I enjoyed eating it rather than wishing I was having a sandwich or pasta instead. I don't know whether I've ever said something like that about a lettuce-based salad. Also, anchovies are almost never a mistake to me. (I realize that not everyone feels that way about anchovies.)

Katy, you know what to do:

Thanks, Katy. That was weird! But the visuals were nice.

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