Monday, November 9, 2015

Comment To Support A Petition To Award Me The Nobel Prize In Literature!

Just comment saying "Yes!" in order to support the petition.

Or, if you feel strongly enough that I must NOT be given the Nobel, comment and say "No!"

Feel free to include your reasons for or against in your comment.

Many thanks to the douchebags who started the petition to get Phil Collins to stop recording music, for giving me the idea. And for making me laugh and laugh and laugh, at the thought that they think they can do anything to Collins. And also, yesterday, when I found out about those douchebags and their petition, I researched "Take Me Home," a record I always liked, although I never had a clue what the lyrics were about -- and I found out that "Take Me Home" is a protest song, protesting the incarceration of people in mental institutions. So now I like it even more. I like it so much now that it makes me cry.

So thanks for that too, douchebags!

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