Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"When You Get the Flu This Winter, You Can Blame Anti-Vaxxers"

Yes, I can. And I do blame them. No matter who they are. If you're one of my favorite performers or politicians, if you're ever so beautiful and/or talented, if you're my best friend, if you're my cousin or uncle, and you're anti-vax, I blame you for a lot of people's deaths. This is nothing to fuck around about. This is nothing to be sugar-coated.

Kent Sepkowitz patiently and angrily describes vaccines and how they work.

I don't see any reason not to be angry at anti-vaxxers. I mean, seriously: if you can't get angry about


What can you legitimately get angry about?

How much more cut-and-dried and clear and simple than this can things get? Hell yes I'm angry at you, Bill Maher, Jenny McCarthy, Donald Trump, Erin Brockavich, RFK Jr! Hell yes I blame you for a lot of people's deaths! And, Bill, Erin, Robert: unlike many others, you three don't even have the excuse of being stupid! Shame on you!

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