Thursday, November 12, 2015

There, I Said It!

I never admired Lady Di all that much. Yes, she was much more intelligent and serious than most of the British royals -- gee, set a low bar much? Also, I always hated her hairdo -- THERE, I SAID IT!

I can't watch Rachel Maddow any more. Life is just too short for: "There is this thing... this thing which happened. In a certain place. Just a little while ago. And this thing. Which happened. About which I am going to tell you. On this show. Tonight. My viewers. Has enormous consequences. For the lives of many people. In many ways" In the time you just spent saying nothing whatsoever, you could easily have told me what happened, and three other things. And the thing is, I know at this point that the not saying anything has barely begun. I literally can't stand it any more -- THERE, I SAID IT!

You dweebs who play Dungeons & Dragons: you're just as pathetic as those meatheads who play fantasy sports. You meatheads who play fantasy sports: you're just as pathetic as those dweebs who play Dungeons & Dragons --THERE, I SAID IT!

Every living creature is unique and precious -- THERE, I SAID IT!

I'm glad Pete Rose is banned from the Hall of Fame and every other aspect of Major League Baseball, not because I think his gambling was so bad -- i don't even know all of the details about the gambling -- but simply because I dislike him personally, and have since he was an active ballplayer and I was a little boy -- THERE, I SAID IT!

Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and William Randolph Hearst weren't merely colossal jerks, they were sociopathalogical monsters -- THERE, I SAID IT!

I don't like earrings, ever, on anybody, and apart from watches I have very little use for any other kind of jewelry -- THERE, I SAID IT!

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