Friday, November 6, 2015

Great Big Fat Guy, Day 7

In my last Great Big Fat Guy post I mentioned that I've never been much of a runner. But last night I dreamed about running and enjoying it a lot more than I usually do, running really fast and for quite a while, and I remembered that recently, I have enjoyed some long and fast spontaneous spur-of-the-moment runs while I've been out for a walk.

But when I was awake this morning I thought: wait a minute: have I actually run like that a few times recently (over the course of the past year or so), or have I only dreamed about it a few times recently?

And the strange thing is: I honestly don't know whether I've done that for real or only in dreams. I mean: I know I've had a few short bursts of running of up to maybe 50 yards or so. But I was thinking that recently I'd run a lot farther than that at a stretch. And I don't know whether I really did, or if I just dreamed it. Isn't that weird?

My lower legs are fine. No shin splints or other serious injuries. It was just some muscles waking up and yelling, "Hey! What are you DOING to us?!" They're with the program now.

I have some aches and pains, but they're all okay. Some fitness enthusiasts who are young and lucky enough never to have faced serious injury or illness yet like to say,

"Pain is just weakness leaving the body."

But that's not always true. Sometimes pain is a broken bone or a kidney stone, to give just 2 examples with which I am personally familiar.

But the aches and pains I'm having now are just weakness leaving my body.

Always remember to stretch. A lot. How much should you stretch? If you can, go and watch a high-level track team stretching, see how long it goes on and on. Stretch a lot, do it carefully, stop when it hurts.

In conclusion: Katy Perry remains very, very, very pretty. To be painfully honest about it, I don't know if I like any of her songs besides "Firework." But there's never been any law against watching a music video with the sound off. Thnk yu verr mutch pleez! Ah still thinkz that Katy iz sooper awesumz!!! (I'm a tiny little kitten!!!)

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