Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Christie Defends Trump's Immigration Policy"

That's a headline I read just now: "Christie Defends Trump's Immigration Policy."

Which immigration policy? The one with 11 million deportations and forcing Mexico to build a wall along its entire border with the US? Or the one after his recent flip-flop, in which he claims he will be somewhat reasonable, which would be incompatible with the wall and the 11 million deportations?

Or is it the policy of leaving all foreign and domestic matters in the hands of the Vice-President?

Or the policy of pulling policy statements out of his ass without worrying whether they make sense in and of themselves, or are compatible with other statements he's just pulled out of his ass?

Okay, maybe if we go beyond the headline, we will know a little better just exactly which immigration policy Christie means.

Okay: Christie says that Trump has been "completely consistent" in his immigration policy positions.

Here's the video in case you can't believe Christie actually said that.

So, the headline I quoted in the title of this blog post is not strictly accurate: it's not a matter of Christie defending a particular policy: what Christie is doing is following Trump's policy of pulling stuff out of his ass and expecting no-one to notice that he's not making sense.

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