Friday, August 5, 2016


Election Update: Trump's Slump Deepens In The Polls

Donald Trump's poll numbers are so bad his supporters are making up new ones

NBC/WSJ Poll: Hillary Clinton Jumps to Nine Point Lead Over Trump

Polls can't move fast enough to catch the Twitter-speed of Trump's nuttiness

Donald Trump's love affair with polls is definitely over

New National Polls Put Black Voter Support for Trump Perilously to Just Omarosa

'Trump Is Cratering': New Polls Signal Deep Trouble for Republican Nominee

2016 Election Polls: Red States that Hillary Clinton Could Win

Trump trounced by Clinton in latest round of polls

Two new polls put Donald Trump further back than Mitt Romney ever was

The newest polls are devastating for Donald Trump

Poll: Clinton leads Trump in Georgia

Trash talk leads to Trump slump at the polls

Clinton Destroying Trump in Polls

Donald Trump Plummeting in State and National Polls

Nice! Now, what does it all mean? That undecideds have begun to become aware of some of the things Trump has said and done? That the word about the fact-checking on who's a liar and who's not is getting around?

One poll said that 68% of Bernie's backers were planning to vote for Hillary pre-convention, and 75% post-convention, and that's a lot, that's about a million votes nationwide, but that alone can't account for the upswing of support for Hillary.

A reaction to Trump of horror appears to be spreading, and that may possibly mean that more people are paying attention to politics. That would be very nice if it's true. I hope I'm not getting irresponsibly carried away by things like today's headlines when I say that maybe -- maybe -- people are paying closer attention to the point that they're figuring out that all of the awful things they've heard about Hillary are lies, so that her unfavorability numbers will drop. That may seem like a perfectly Pollyanna-sort of thing to hope for, but what with th dang Internet and all, things may be changing.

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