Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Larry The Cable Guy Critical Of Hillary

Uh-oh: it seems that universally-respected intellectual heavyweight Larry the Cable Guy has grave misgivings about a Hillary Clinton Prsidency.

Generally speaking, Hillary enjoys the majority of support among the highly-educated and deep thinkers. It had seemed to be a demographic which was solidly in her corner. No more: the Guy's comments represent a break in the solid trend of the large-brained backing the Democratic candidate. "Hillary will be the end of the country, that's all I got to say," he says.

He then goes on to say: "I like Trump, some of the things he says, then he's outrageous so you just don't know [...] It's not like it used to be. If you pick somebody, they want to beat you up, they want to give you death threats. It's like nobody's civil. Ever since social media came along, everybody's a jerk [...] So if you say, I kind of like Trump, I kind of like some of the things he says and I think I want to vote for Trump — 'You racist!' You're always a racist, no matter what. If they don't agree with you — no matter what you say — they throw that out."

Deep, powerful, carefully-chosen words, and quite a shock, surely, to everyone who had assumed that the founder and most prominent member of the Git-R-Done school of existentialism was in lock-step, politically, with his fellow intellectuals. As of this posting, a distraught Clinton campaign could not be reached for comment. It will be interesting to see what sort of ripple effect Larry The Cable Guy's words will have among the world's philosophers, economists and political historians.

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