Monday, August 1, 2016

Cue Trump's Tweets Saying Buffett Is Pathetic In Some Way In 3... 2...

Warren Buffett has challenged Donald Trump to make his tax returns public.

Gee, I wonder how Donald will react to that: in a dignified and respectful way? With witty banter, perhaps? Or by actually making all of his tax returns public going back for decades?

We all know pretty much how Trump is going to respond to Buffett. This is getting extremely monotonous, and maybe, just maybe, the general public is sophisticated enough to gradually recognize a cluster**** with bright orange skin when it's on the news doing the same thing over and over 24/7 for months.

Maybe, just maybe, some of the undecideds and Bernie holdouts and Jill Stein enthusiasts are actually listening to the outpouring of information about how Hillary isn't a monster, and learning that the horror stories they had believed about her were baseless.

Grounds for hope and optimism, rationality spreading -- wouldn't that be something?

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