Friday, January 12, 2018

Computers: Anger, Confusion and Depression

So I thought to myself, "How complicated could it be to import files to Windows 10?" So I did a Google search for that, and got really discouraged really fast. I found a Dummies pages for Importing Files to Windows 10 For Dummies, and it was not as simple as I would've hoped. Am I all ready to do it myself, having read that part of that page? Haha -- no. And near the bottom of that page, it said: "Assuming there have been no complications, you're done," or something like that. And then it went on, talking about if there had been complications during the attempt to import the files, and I didn't even read past that. I was too frightened to keep reading, because I've been overwhelmed by complications I didn't see coming many times in my interactions with IT.

I've bookmarked that page, and I'll try again later to understand what it says. One thing upon which which every source I've seen so far agrees, is that I'll need an external hard drive.

I had sort of been hoping that I could connect the two drives, find a button that said, "Import files from drive A to drive B," and be done with it. Apparently it's not that simple.

But then again: maybe it is that simple. Maybe what is generally thought of as "importing files" is a lot more than what I actually want to do. I want to import some downloads and some bookmarks, and that's about it, I think.

For all I know, though, that is exactly what everybody else means when they're talking about importing files, too.

Assuming that I'm not so lucky that importing downloads and bookmarks is muuuuuch simpler than what people usually mean by "importing files," I might need some cable, too, in addition to the external hard drive. I don't know if I have any ethernet cable lying around here or not.

I could pay somebody else to do this. Apparently, these days, I could pay somebody to do this without even leaving home -- unless some people can but I can't for some reason I don't understand. I don't have a cloud connection. I don't know if I'd have to have one, or if the people importing my files would just use their own cloud connection, or what.

Another possible nightmare -- that is to say: possible as far as I know. It should be clear to some of you that I know just about squat about IT, while others of you no doubt have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about ("What's a 'down...load'?") -- another possible nightmare might be if there's no way to import files without also importing some settings which I made on the old computer, settings which I wanted to undo, but was unable to...

This really sucks. Bill Gates, I know you're combating malaria and AIDS, and that's wonderful, but this issue I'm having with importing files is driving me mad.

I suppose that it's POSSIBLE that if I read that Dummies page one more time, a huge light bulb will turn on over my head, and I'll be able to import download files from as many as 6 or more old hard drives which I haven't thrown away, just like that, as easy as anybody could ever peasy. I'm just having a very hard time imagining that this will not be very painful and expensive and that all sorts of things will go wrong, whether I try to do it myself or pay someone else to do it.

Thomas Middleditch's character on "Silicon Valley" had a big dramatic moment when he told off some very good-looking person and said that no-one would ever be able to understand nerds' pain. I got mad and started yelling at my TV during that speech. Maybe if you nerds made products which everyday people understood how to use, you'd be in much less pain, because everybody would love you.

Is more or less what I angrily yelled at my TV. Maybe if, when someone shared some of their frustration at IT with nerds, and their reaction was something other than to laugh and not help -- maybe that would make both nerds and others happier. Maybe if you were less obsessed with taking revenge on the whole world and more interested in interactions of friendship and trust, your lives would improve in ways which you presently can't imagine.

Guess we'll never know, huh, nerds?

Sorry. That was uncalled-for. I'm just... This issue with importing files is frustrating me.

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