Thursday, January 4, 2018

How Long Can This Go On?

What's today's most frivolous legal action: Trump attempting to get Bannon to cease and desist being interviewed in a book written by someone else, or Paul Manafort suing the Justice Department for arresting him? And when are Republicans in the White House and Congress going to start saying publicly what they've been saying privately, and what Republican not in the White House or public office have been saying publicly all along -- along with the rest of the God damn world? Namely, that Trump is crazy, stupid, a crook, a thug, a traitor, and utterly unfit to lead?

How long will the Trump administration adhere to its policy of determining which side is the most popular with regard to an issue, and then taking the other side, after having lied by saying it would never do any such thing? (Today Jeff Sessions reversed Obama-era policy allowing States to declare marijuana legal, and Trump signed an executive order allowing offshore oil drilling in areas which have been legally off limits since the 1970's.)

How badly do the Republicans want to lose in November? Are some of them moles whose real endgame is to destroy the party once and for all? Or are they all just really, really, really stupid?

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