Thursday, January 11, 2018

I Had a Frozen Roasted Whole Chicken --

-- onion, celery, arugula, mayo, other sauces and spices to taste -- and a half hour later, I had a whole bunch of chicken salad. I didn't take anything out of the chicken except the bones. The skin is in there, all chopped up with everything else. Is that different and daring? I don't know.

*googling chicken salad skin*

Well, it's not unheard-of, apparently, but it's not the #1 most popular choice either. Also, a lot of recipes call for the breast meat only. But that's most chicken salad, the way most people like it, I would assume. (Why else would everybody make it that way?) This here is chicken salad for me, the way I want it.

To me, the dark meat and the skin are in competition for being the tastiest parts of the chicken, and the white meat is definitely dead last. I made this chicken salad this way in large part as a way of making the white meat edible to me. The dark meat, the skin, the chopped-up veggies, the mayo, the salt, garlic powder, ginger, the half-dozen drops or so of Dave's Gourmet Ghost Pepper Sauce -- don't try it! It's too hot for you! It's like 50% ghost peppers! I warned you! -- the oyster sauce, the Hidden Valley ranch dressing, the sweet and sour sauce: all of those ingredients are doing one job in my chicken salad: concealing the fact that there is any white meat in there at all.

It is glorious. (And too spicy for you! Why won't you believe me?! I WARNED YOU!!!)

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