Thursday, November 17, 2016

He Hasn't Taken Office Yet

I consider the calls for the Electoral College not to elect him to be rather far-fetched at this point: Trump's electors are Republicans, and in hindsight, in seems that the biggest problem Republicans had with Trump is that a lot of them were convinced he couldn't win. In fact, it seems to me that no demographic was more solidly convinced that Hillary would win decisively, than Republican political professionals. Now that Trump has won, Republicans who went on the record calling him unfit for the office and a horrible person are scrambling for positions in his administration.

However, he actually hasn't taken office yet. And public opinion can change a lot in 2 months.

It seems that the biggest single opinion-changer during the campaign was the "Access Hollywood" video. It was well-known that Trump was a misogynistic pig, but actually hearing and seeing it was different than just knowing it. It would still be a great time for those video outtakes from "The Apprentice" to be released, which by all accounts are much worse than the "Access Hollywood" video. Please, somebody do your civic duty and leak all of that stuff now. I may seem superhuman at times, but the sad fact is that I actually can't do everything myself.

Aside from things like audiotapes and videos, jury selection in the Trump University fraud trial is set to begin on November 28. [PS, 18. November 2016: According to the Washington Post, Trump is nearing settlements which will end the Trump University fraud case.] A civil lawsuit alleging Trump raped a 13-year-old girl was re-filed in September, and no doubt more legal action will be taken in the cases of the women coming forward in the wake of the "Access Hollywood" tape and alleging that Trump assaulted them. How many more women will come forward, and how much legal action will be taken because of it, and how much of it will be civil actions like the lawsuit involving the 13-year-old girls and how many actual criminal charges will by filed against, the President-elect, no-one can say.

We don't know how much people who voted for Trump will regret doing so as they learn of his legal troubles, or his stance on the environment and energy, or Steve Bannon, or something else they didn't know about Trump. No doubt some of them were low-information voters. How many, and how low-information they were, and how much more they were learn, and how soon, is very hard to predict.

We know that Trump will break many of his campaign promises simply because so many things he promised during the campaign contradict other things he promised during the campaign. He's already broken his promise to "drain the swamp," appointing many Washington lobbyists and insiders to positions in his administration -- but how many people who voted for him will notice such things?

Hopefully a lot of people who voted for Trump will regret it very much for one reason or another, very soon.

People keep talking about how bad the next 4 years will be. It doesn't have to be 4 years. Aside from the possibility of him actually not becoming President because the Electors are simply too appalled by him, and have spines, which as I say I think is a very slim chance, since Trump's electors are Republicans, and Republicans since the election seem very eager to work with Trump, and to have forgotten their animosity toward him -- aside from the possibility of him actually not taking office, which becomes more likely the more scandals explode before the electors vote on December 19, there is the possibility that he will be impeached. The possible grounds for impeachment are many and well-known, and more possible grounds keep coming to light.

Being President of the US means being under the brightest spotlight in the world, and it seems that the more clearly people see Trump, the less they like him.


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