Monday, November 7, 2016

How To Prevent Nominees Like Trump

How can the US best strive to insure that an absolute Bozo and sociopath like Donald Trump is never, ever again nominated for the highest office in the land?

1. Education. Donald Trump himself said, into a live mic before a crowd of cheering morons at one of his rallies: "I love the poorly educated." Makes sense: he's also been going around saying things in public such as that global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese in order to hurt American business. A well-educated public simply isn't going to elect anyone who says things like that, or like many of the other things Trump says. The Mexican wall? Well-educated people aren't buying that one. Trump's claim that Mexico would pay for it? They're buying that one even less. Ladies and gentlemen -- I implore you!

2. Education.

3. The US must invest much, much more in education.

3a. Education includes art, music, and, yes, also gym.

4. EDUCATION!!!!!!

5. Um zukuenftig einem Disaster wie Trump als Praesidentschaft-Kandidat vorzukommen, muessen die Vereinigten Staaten sehr viel mehr in Bildung investieren.

6. Education.

7. Wee shud spen mutch more ahn skoolz an buk lernin. Cuz havin sumbuddy lahk Trump fur ah Prezzidenchuhl kandidait? Thass jest puhthetik!

8. Education.

9. Education.

How many different ways can I say it? But the point is to keep saying it the same way.

10. Education. The US needs much, much more of it.

10a. And it should all be free like it is in some other countries. Kindergarten to grad school. Free.

10b. Even in Wyoming? No, ESPECIALLY in Wyoming!

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