Friday, February 19, 2016

Charles Koch's Positive Remarks About Bernie Sanders

This is truly Bizarro-World stuff: Charles Koch says that he agrees with Bernie Sanders about income equality, and that both parties are to blame for this inequality.

I hope that Bernie doesn't accept Charles' compliments, and takes this opportunity to make it as plain as can be that Charles Koch is a huge part of the problems Bernie wants to solve. If he throws this right back in Koch's face, with no if's, and's or but's, I might even consider voting for Bernie in the primary instead of Hillary.

Probably not. But I would be impressed.

Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage. Way up. Koch wants lower wages. Sanders wants incentives for solar and wind energy. Koch has successfully killed legislation for some of these incentives. If they'd passed they would have increased the competition against the coal Koch sells to utilities. Sanders wants much, much more government regulation concerning pollution and the financial sector. Koch wants much, much less.

(By the way, Hillary wants all of those things that Bernie wants. And she's much better equipped to actually get legislation passed as POTUS, which is why I already take back what I said above about considering voting for Bernie. Demagogues talk a good game. Good politicians actually get things done. And painting Hillary as a Republican or a monster or anything other than a liberal is just as Bizarro-World as what Koch just said about Sanders.)

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