Friday, February 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton And George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw wrote a play called Major Barbara about the Salvation Army, which premiered in London in 1905. Later he published the play along with one of his brilliant prefaces. I'm not the first to have expressed the opinion that Shaw's plays are brilliant and that the prefaces to them are even better. Shaw noted that some people not associated with the Salvation Army thought that the play was a dastardly attack upon that stalwart institution, while actual members of the Army tended to like it. From Shaw's preface:

Even the handful of mentally competent critics got into difficulties over my demonstration of the economic deadlock in which the Salvation Army finds itself. Some of them thought that the Army would not have taken money from a distiller and a cannon founder: others thought it should not have taken it: all assumed more or less definitely that it reduced itself to absurdity or hypocrisy by taking it. (The Salvation Army promotes promotes abstinence from alcohol and pacifism. --TWM) On the first point the reply of the Army itself was prompt and conclusive. As one of its officers said, they would take money from the devil himself and be only too glad to get it out of his hands and into God's. They gratefully acknowledged that publicans not only give them money but allow them to collect it in the bar—sometimes even when there is a Salvation meeting outside preaching teetotalism.

Good for Shaw and for the Salvation Army for being sensible about money, and good for Shaw too for appreciating the good that an organization did even though he was atheist and the organization was not.

I've been reminded of all of this by the ruckus raised by some of Bernard Sanders' more idiotic supporters over Hillary Clinton taking campaign money from Lehman Brothers. Hillary's answer to the question of why she took so much money from Lehman Brothers, almost a million dollars, was perfectly sensible: she said she took that much because that was how much they offered. Unless and until the naysayers can demonstrate that Lehman Brothers bought undue influence, or some particular favors, or anything at all, with that campaign contribution, they really should sit back and share a huge punchbowl full of STFU.

You say Hillary is practically a Republican? You say she's bought and paid for by big business? Show us what you're talking about in what Hillary has actually done and said and what she says she plans to do.

Like Shaw, and like the Salvation Army, Hillary would rather do good than waste time going sniffing around for wrongdoing by others.

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