Friday, February 26, 2016

In Case Any Of You Still Had Any Respect Left For Chris Christie --

-- he's just endorsed Trump for President.

There's speculation that Christie did some bargaining and got some favors in exchange for the endorsement -- oh Heavens to Betsy, could that possibly be true?! Clutch my pearls! Mendacity! A politician selling his word and bond, in this day and age! What's next -- used-car dealers cheating their customers?! Beauty-pageant contestants who've had plastic surgery?! Closeted gay homophobic men of God?! People marrying for money?! Cheating on their taxes?! Lying about their ages?! About their weights?! Non-chaste Catholic clergy?! Air pollution?! Unhealthy fast food?! Unscrupulous oil or tobacco companies?! Radio stations playing records because they've been paid to?! Global warming?! Government budget deficits?! I think Christie now has more riding on Trump's camapign than Trump does: Trump can always go back to New Jersey, but Christie is not at all well-liked there.

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