Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Multiple-Choice Question --

-- you're at a deli counter and you order an Italian sub and it takes the nice lady a 1/2 hour to make it. Not a 1/2 hour to make a bunch of other sandwiches and then yours: it takes her a 1/2 hour just to make yours. (Just a regular Italian sub, nothing exotic.) Do you become --

A) -- angry, because you had to wait at a goddamned counter for a goddamned 1/2 hour for the nice lady to make one goddamned Italian sub?

B) -- concerned, because you've begun to wonder whether the nice lady has had a stroke recently -- like maybe as recently as the past 1/2 hour?

C) -- embarrassed, because when she handed you the sandwich she said, "Come back next week and tell me if that doesn't taste better than Quizno's!" and you said, "Ho-ho-kay then!" and as you walked away you muttered to yourself, "Next week?! It's ALREADY next week!" and you hope she didn't hear that,


D) -- all of the above because you're me and that's exactly what happened?

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