Friday, May 20, 2016

A Particularly Obvious Math Deficiency Among Bernie's Supporters

They accuse Hillary and Democrats in general of "not respecting the will of the voters."

Many of them are calling for Hillary to withdraw from the nomination contest.

10,158,889 people have voted for Bernie in the primaries so far. And 13,192,713 for Hillary. A difference of over 3 million. A lead in the popular vote of 55.5% of 42.7% for Hillary.

Like so much else coming from the Sanders campaign, this simply doesn't add up.

I suppose it shouldn't come as such a surprise that so many of Bernie's supporters can't do the math necessary to see that Hillary clinched the nomination quite a while back, when they say that the candidate who has the most votes by a margin of over 3 million is disrespecting the will of the voters by not withdrawing.

Ladies and gentlemen, the base of the Sanders campaign is made up of morons and nuts, and Bernie is either a moron or a nut himself, or he's pandering to morons and nuts. I'm not sure which would be worse.

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