Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jerry Brown Endorses Hillary; Polls

The Jerry Brown endorsement is getting a lot coverage. The poll showing Hillary up by 13 percent in California is getting much less coverage, so here's a link to a story about it, lest you think I'm imagining things. (No, I'm not referring to the poll from May 4 showing Hillary with a 13-point lead over Trump nationwide, but to a poll released today showing her with a 13-point lead over Bernie in California. I mention this because the May 4 poll seems to be getting about 20 times as much coverage.)

The linked story, at the Weekly Standard's website, mentions that last week two polls were released on the same day, and one showed Hillary up by 2 percent in California, and the other showed her up by 18 percent. That's one of very few mentions, in the news coverage I've seen, of the polls showing Hillary up by 18 percent. Paul Krugman mentioned it the other day, and how it struck him too that so many news outlets are only mentioning the one showing her leading by 2. The poll saying it's close has gotten heavy coverage, much heavier than the one saying that Hillary is ahead by miles. This is strange. Since when did the media start simply ignoring polls in their coverage of elections campaigns? Anyway, that's why I linked the story about the new poll showing Hillary leading by 13 points: in case no-one else tells you about it.

A Democracy Now! headline, from an hour ago: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in Dead Heat in California. The first sentence of the article: In news from the campaign trail, Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are both campaigning in California ahead of the June 7 primary, where polls are showing the two in a dead heat. Polls, plural, they say. I haven't seen any polls suggesting that it was close except for that one which everyone is reporting about.

Well, it's nice to see Democracy Now! in agreement for once with the mainstream media they're always complaining about.

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