Friday, May 27, 2016

Saint Bernard

A headline at Vox:

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton debated 9 times — and moderators never asked about poverty

Wow. If this is true, then I guess Bernie HAS to be the nominee.

A few times lately I've read references to Bernie's supporters' "prayers" of Bernie's being named the nominee. I think that "prayers" is a very apt word, because hopes that Bernie will be nominated are not reality-based. Those who are still backing Bernie who have gotten it through their heads that he won't get a majority of the delegates have pinned their hopes on the FBI indicting her over the emails and forcing her to withdraw her candidacy.

And, as more and more pundits are pointing out, those who still back Bernie are un-democratic. Small d. Bernie will not get as many primary votes as Hillary, but many of his supporters still think he should get the nomination, because he's morally superior to Hillary in their eyes. Crusaders and other fanatics tend not to be all that concerned with practical matters such as vote tallies and the ways in which political parties function: they're right! Their opponents are wrong! And that's all there is to it!

Here's a piece by Melissa McEwan on Blue Nation Review with which I basically agree, addressed to Bernie Sanders and telling him what an asshole he is. I think Ms McEwan would agree with my assessment of the point of view of her piece. If she hears about my characterization of her article and disagrees with it, I will display her disagreement in bold print in the text of this post, right after this sentence. She's a bit more diplomatic than I am about it. A bit, not a lot. She urges him to get behind Hillary.

Ms McEwan uses the word "savior" when telling Bernie what he is not. Another, very apt allusion to religion, with its fanaticism and contempt for facts and sneering hatred for those thought of as evil -- which includes most of the world. Now, I'm talking about Bernie here, as well as some of the more nasty fanatics among his followers. That nasty, fact-resistant, entitled fanaticism, that sneering sense of moral superiority, didn't come out of nowhere. It came straight from Bernie. This fish stinks from the head. That would be you, Bernie. You stink. You're worse than useless like Nader.

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