Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Republicans Are Talking About A 3rd-Party Run

That is great.

Bernie is sounding more and more like a 3rd-party candidate. That is not great at all. His plan is to get some of Hillary's unpledged delegates to switch to him. How many of them have so far? Let's all say it together, everybody --

-- none of them.

And as Gabriel Debenedetti of Politico points out, if Bernie wins 100% of the unpledged delegates from here on in, he's still going to need one more superdelegate.

Maybe that math would become plainer to him if some of the superdelegates currently pledged to him switched over to Hillary.

Bernie has said countless times that the most important thing from his point of view is to prevent a Republican from winning the Presidency. It's time for him to start doing exactly that. It's time for him to stop acting like a schmuck.

Nash Riggins of the Independent agrees with me.

As does John McTernan of the Telegraph.

And Yair Rosenberg of Tablet.

Maybe if people showed him some video of him from a couple of months back, talking about supporting whoever the Democratic candidate is, maybe that would help. Maybe remedial math would help. I'm open for more ideas.

It's over, Bernie. Drop out.

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