Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Daily Bern

A headline in the Observer: Give Bernie What He wants!

The Democrats have been giving him stuff. Has anyone been making sure that Bernie is giving something in return? There is, of course, one thing we want from Bernie: we want him to get behind Hillary. Sooner the better. That's the whole shopping list.

From the article: "Senator Bernie Sanders does not give the appearance of being a hopelessly stupid man, so one has to believe he understands he is not going to be the Democratic Party's nominee for president this year."

He is not acting as if he understands that he will not be the nominee, and so I think we have to consider the possibility, chilling in its implications, that he is, indeed, hopelessly stupid.

An East Bay Times headline: Poll: Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by 18 points in California.

A non-stupid person might think that now would be a good time to get out of the contest, so that the lopsided result in California could be attributed to everyone coming together behind the presumptive nominee, and not an indication that more and more people are just getting sick of Bernie.

Looking, looking, looking for a sign that Bernie is shifting toward backing Hillary and attacking Trump... Looking, looking... Looking for some sign that the Democrats actually got something in exchange for giving Bernie a lot of control over the platform... Looking...

A headline at today.com: "Bernie Sanders on 'messy' convention remark: 'The media takes words out of context'"

What a disgusting little crybaby! "The media twist my words." "The Democratic Party is cheating me." "I can't stop my supporters from getting rowdy." With Bernie, the buck always stops elsewhere.

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