Friday, October 7, 2016

Headlines, We Got Headlines, We Got Stacks And Stacks of Headlines...

Washington Post: Donald Trump's debate prep is going great!!!

Hahaha. The three exclamation marks are an extra hint that they're mocking him.

Politico: Trump says illegal immigrants pouring across the border to vote -- The federal government is allowing illegal immigrants to flow into the U.S. so they can vote, Donald Trump alleged Friday, fueling his own argument that November's presidential election will be rigged against him.

Well, the question is, of course, what is he fueling more, his own arguments, which only morons are buying, or the impression that he's a psycho and/or a lying sack of crap, as he must seem to any intelligent observer?

In other words, the question is: Have the morons got us out-maneuvered and surrounded? The answer is not entirely clear. And that is disturbing. I've long taken it for granted that they outnumber us. But the thought that they -- a bunch a friggin morons! -- could out-maneuver us...

Huffington Post: Donald Trump's Pretty Lucky He's Not Held To The Same Standard As Gary Johnson

True. But we're pretty lucky that at least Johnson is held to those standards.

The Boston Globe: Without Samantha Bee, this election would be so much worse

True! SO true! Without Samantha Bee, everything would be so much worse! We heart you this much, Samantha Bee!

Politico: Limited by Johnson and Stein, Clinton still tops Trump in new Florida poll

What that headline is not saying, of course, is how much Johnson and Stein keep limiting themselves. Gotta love the way they keep inserting the old foot into the old pie hole.

The Atlantic: For Young Voters, 'Hope and Change' Is Dead How many headlines like that are there for every single headline, put in a place where young voters will probably see it, pointing out elementary things such as how much different a Democratic Presidential administration could be with a Democratic-majority Congress to go with it?

Instead of attempting to explain extremely simple and extremely important things like that to low-information voters -- instead of trying to actually inform them -- so many journalists are instead trying to anticipate and emulate the reactions of low-information voters. And they're doing it in the name of something they actually call "journalistic objectivity". Bizarre, widespread and not at all good.

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