Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What's Going On Now

Okay, so... Wikileaks has failed to bring Hillary down,

Taylor Swift's girl squad has been officially categorized as not empowering,

Jeff Jarvis has decided to quit his job, buy a taco truck, and call it Whip Out That Mexican Thing, Britain's Prime Minister is disgusting, South African students are rioting and demanding free education, Finland is moving closer to a policy of giving everyone a monthly income just for existing, Florida and South Carolina are taking steps to prepare for Hurricane Matthew, Hillary may be pulling ahead in Ohio again, the ruling party in Poland was planning to institute a total ban on abortions,

but the citizenry went apeshit so they're backing down, Rudy Giuliani has completely lost his mind, Iraq is about to take Mosul back from ISIS, go Blue Jays,

that's all I know.

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