Friday, October 7, 2016

So, An Investigation Showed That Something Really Was Wrong With Donald's Mic In The First Debate

Donald said that his effectiveness in the debate was reduced by as much as 50% by that microphone.

Do we want a President whose effectiveness can be reduced by as much as 50% at any time by something as rinky-dink as a malfunctiong mic?

Maybe Donald was exaggerating, and his effectiveness wasn't cut by nearly as much as 50% by the microphone. Do we want a President who lies and makes excuses for himself when he doesn't win? There's a lot about Harry Truman I don't like, but "The Buck Stops Here" is the way I want any and every leader to be. It's an integral part of leadership.

This is at least the 4th time Hillary has run for political office: 2 successful runs for the US Senate, 2000 and 2006, then running for President against Barack in 2008, and now running against the Donald. She's been through a lot of debates. She hasn't won them all. She never blamed it on something like her microphone or the lighting or a debate moderator she thought was biased against her. All of the microphones Hillary's been in front of during her career, have you ever heard her complain about one?

I hope some right-winger actually does dig up a video or audio tape from 1963 where Hillary is running for student council and complains about her microphone malfunctioning. Because that will be just one more example of Donald's people having to go back decades to dig up something on Hillary which in some way resembles what their guy does every single day.

Do you want a President who will constantly whine and blame others when things don't go his way?

I'm just asking in case Donald's racism and sexism and shady business deals and stupidity and ignorance and lying and emotional instability and short temper and lack of impulse control and common decency haven't already made you decide to vote for Hillary.

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