Sunday, October 30, 2016


Whose emails? You know whose emails!

Okay, as I understand it, the FBI looked through Hillary's emails for years, found nothing in them which they could use against her, but when FBI Director Comey was forced to publicly admit as much, he still said he was "troubled." And now they've found more emails from Hillary in an unrelated investigation of Anthony Wiener, so they're going to investigate those -- because they're from Hillary. And Comey announced it to Congress. Because -- Hillary.

Well, it's obvious that many Democrats -- including me -- see this as evidence as bias against the Democratic Presidential candidate, and unwarranted interference in the election campaign. It's equally obvious that many Republicans think they if enough emails are examined, Hillary will finally be nailed for -- something, I don't know. Ask them.

The question is, how many voters' minds will the latest "email scandal" change? Who knows? Some "pundits" say it will actually hurt Trump by firing up Democrats and swaying some undecideds who agree with us that this is a neverending hunt for something which isn't justice. On the other hand, one Fox News outlet claims to have polling data saying that Comey's announcement will make 34% of all likely voters less likely to vote for Hillary. I think that gives you a good idea of the grasp on reality by some on the Right. I doubt if 34% of voters have even heard about Comey's announcement.

A Republican attorney, a former White House ethics lawyer for Bush Jr, Richard W. Painter, has filed a complaint against Comey over his announcement, saying it violates the Hatch Act, which ensures “that federal programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion.” That makes for a dramatic headline -- if the headline mentions the complaint was filed by a Republican. But was Painter already one of those Republicans who were in the Clinton camp?

I think I noticed one Trump supporter who has criticized Comey's announcement, a Fox commentator, I'm sorry, I can't find her name now. So that makes definitely at least one Trump supporter critical of Comey's announcement -- unless I misread the story or am remembering it wrong. But will that one Trump supporter switch her vote because of this? I doubt it.

Clinton's supporters are the same as they were -- sick of hearing email-related allegations against Hillary -- except more so. Trump's supporters: also same as they were: convinced that Hillary is evil somehow and that her emails will finally prove it to the whole world, somehow -- except more so.

Which way will undecided voters be moved by this latest fooferah? I imagine that will depend on whether they hear more stories about it from us or from them.

So maybe now -- yes, now -- would be a good time for you -- yes, you -- to stand up and get loud about this election. Thank you.

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