Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jodie Foster On Attacking The Rich: She Never Said It

1) Jodie Foster is rich.

1a) so are all her friends and colleagues.

2) Rich people are not all alike. Some get rich, and then richer, by ripping off poor people. Some don't.

2a) Examples of some who don't include Jodie Foster and all her friends and colleagues.

3) I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T START OFF BY CHECKING TO SEE WHETHER JODIE FOSTER EVER ACTUALLY SAID THAT!!! Shame on me, because I've been very vocal and vehement about fake quotes. My apologies to Ms Foster.

3a) She didn't say it. Accurate quotes come with sources: when and where did she say that, to whom.

3b) This story in Fortune magazine about her movie Money Monster and about capitalism in general makes her seem like someone who would never say anything like what that meme says she said, and who agrees with 2) above because, you know, she's not insane. From that interview:

Director Jodie Foster said that the film is not meant to be a polemic against capitalism. “We’re not saying in this film that the system is wrong. But what we are saying is that there are abuses to the system that are built into human nature,” she told Fortune. “Many of our ideas of value about ourselves are unfortunately commingled with ones or zeros: ‘If I’ve got more zero’s [in my bank account], I’m more valuable. If you have less zero’s, you’re less valuable.’”

4) Check quotes before you spread lies about people. A quote attributed to someone who never said any such thing is a lie.

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