Monday, October 3, 2016

Postscript To: "Where's MY Death Panel?"

In my previous post I mentioned a story getting a lot of coverage by conservatives soon after Duh-duh-DUHHHH!!!! Obamacare went into affect, about a man who said he has leukemia, said he was born poor, said he now runs two companies, and said he may have to get another job because his out-of-pocket for medical treatment has gone from $4500 to $26,000, because of Obamacare.

Fact Check cleared this one up very quickly, although it seems that Fox News and the Heritage Foundation weren't so energetic about publicizing the corrections.

The true story is that he ending keeping his doctor and paying less for insurance from another company. In a response to Fact check, he still blamed Obama for having to change insurance companies:

“The health insurance industry certainly needed to be put in check, and we certainly needed to provide affordable care for low income earners. But, I should not have had a product that I was willing to pay for, and that I had been very happy with, taken away from me by a government mandate and then taxed…er, I mean fined…if I chose not to replace it with a product I don’t like.”

But the Federal government didn't tell his previous, more-expensive insurer, Celtic, to drop him. And Celtic didn't get back to Fact check to tell their side of the story.

But, clearly, it feels to a lot of people like Obama is screwing them over whenever anything bad happens to them. Even when, as in this case, Obama has actually come to their rescue and made things better after someone else has screwed them over.

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And it feels to me like the GOP and right-wing media aren't falling all over themselves to, uh, you know... to check their facts, and stuff.

In conclusion, France is a land of contrasts, and this whole story is 3 years old.

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