Monday, October 10, 2016


I put the email back on both smartphones today. All by myself. 55 years old.

Then I shopped for a new smartphone. The guy at the phone store put my old number into the new phone, and the email too. He did the latter using the app, the recommended way. I removed the email accounts, which I had restored earlier today with the less secure method, the method without the app, from the two old smartphones.

Apps. So you just go into an apps store, even for free apps. That's how you get them. Or at least that's how the guy at the phone store put my email account into my new phone.

Old guy learns about smartphones and apps and stuff.

Does anyone else on Earth besides me miss the Droid Mini?

I know not very many of you do, because if you did, they would've kept making it and upgrading it and you wouldn't miss it because it'd still be here, but it's just about gone.

Just about. Verizon said they could probably fix me up with a Mini. Maybe.

I decided it was more prudent to go with a more up to date phone and another carrier.

Ah, Droid Mini. When you were still a thing you hit me right in the feels like the new droid from The Force Awakens. (Yeah, I finally saw it. It's actually not bad.) They don't seem to make 'em as small as you anymore.

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