Monday, July 25, 2016

A Modest Suggestion For Democrats About Tactics

I don't know if there's actually much that Democrats could learn from the GOP, but one thing is the way that Republicans brush off things much more heinous than the things they manage to get to stick to Democrats -- which often enough aren't true to begin with. In cases where the allegations against Democrats actually are true, instead of saying, "Yes, I've been caught, and I'm deeply ashamed of this email/dick pic/yacht trip/yelling 'WHOOO!' after I won a primary/whatever. I've let the people down, and I'll immediately resign in disgrace, of course," how about: "Are you kidding me?! Have you got any questions about any REAL issues? Things that affect people's lives? You want to talk about the emails? Ask Donald! He'll talk to you all day about the emails! He's not the slightest bit distracted by real political issues!" ?

Just a suggestion. Just food for thought. And of course: when the allegations are false, Democratic politicians could be even more dismissive than that.

All I'm saying is: stay focused on the important things. Don't ALLOW ridiculous meaningless little things to be blown up into scandals. Play like you actually want to win!

(I've been using the word "actually" very frequently recently, you're absolutely right about that. I have no excuses. I offer my humble apologies to all of my readers over this egregious overuse of one adverb, and, in the tradition of great Democratic wimps like Hubert Humphrey and Al Gore, I am withdrawing my candidacy from this election in order to spend more time with my family. Someone, please tape this "Kick Me" sign to my back as I turn around and walk away.)

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