Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dream Log: Caught Up In "Game Of Thrones"

I dreamed that I was in "Games of Thrones" -- not an actor in the TV series, but a denizen of Westeros. Most of the dream took place in and around King's Landing. I got into a fight with someone and killed him, and then suddenly Queen Cersei confronted me with several of her guards, whom she told to take me captive, but I eluded them. While I was still within earshot I heard Cersei swearing revenge. Awful, awful, long, drawn-out revenge, beginning when I would be captured when I least suspected it. I had not set out to kill anyone, but I thought there was probably no point in sticking around and attempting to plead my case with the Queen.

I never figured out what the connection was between Cirsei and the man I killed, but apparently he had been important enough to Cersei for her to want to make an example of me. She didn't send a whole army in pursuit of me. I just saw Jaime coming after me. It wasn't clear to me whether Jaime cared at all about the man I had killed or whether he was just loyally following his Queen's and sister's orders, but either way, he pursued me tenaciously all over King's Landing and the surrounding area. Jaime and I clashed swords a couple of times, but only when he cornered me, not at my instigation. I didn't feel it was wise to confront him and try to fight my way out. I didn't see anyone else chasing me but I assumed Jaime had some help.

For some time, several days, Jaime chased me around a Medieval urban landscape of balconies and hallways and stairs and rooftops. I didn't sleep much or deeply, and I felt I was gradually losing my attempt to escape the horrible, horrible death Cirsei had promised me. On the other hand, the scenery was really swanky. Consistently upper-class. And in real life my bedroom windows were open, and the area outside my bedroom is woodsy, so the dream smelled very nice.

But finally it occurred to me that Queen Daenerys' invasion fleet was now close to King's Landing, so that this might be an excellent time to try to reach her and declare my loyalty to her. (How did I know she was coming? Cirsei and Jaime didn't know. It was going to be a surprise invasion. Oh well, it was a dream.)

I stole a horse, rode along the coast toward Daenerys' fleet, swam out to her ship and declared my loyalty. Daenerys had heard of me, and had heard that I hadn't thought that Cirsei and Jaime were all bad. I told her that this had been true in the past, but that Cirsei's vow to torture me to death and Jaime's tenacious efforts to capture me for that purpose had induced me to re-evaluate what sort of people they were. I also said that, like so many others, I had long thought that she, Daenerys, was way, way, extra-cool and groovy, and that in a clash between her and Cirsei I was always going to take her side, whether Cirsei wanted to torture me to death or not.

Daenerys spoke quietly with her advisor Tyrion for a moment, and then said that she was disposed to believe that my declaration of loyalty was sincere, and it was around this happy moment that I woke up.

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