Friday, July 8, 2016

THIS JUST IN: Hillary Wins California, And It Doesn't Matter!

One month later, California finishes its vote count, and Clinton wins.

The final result is somewhat closer than it appeared it would be from the 72% of the votes they counted right away. But it still wasn't really close.

It still has absolutely no impact on the Democratic nomination.

I still can't figure out why they didn't release updates as they went, so that the newscasters could say, for instance: "45,000 more votes were counted today in the California Democratic Primary, meaning that 87% of the total have now been counted and that it's still completely obvious that Hillary will win and that the primary won't matter anyway."

The Bernie-or-Busters are still taking advantage of every news story, real or pseudo-, to scream that they wuz robbed and that Hillary is history's greatest monster. I (and many others) still wonder how many of them are Republican trolls who've planned all along to vote for Trump, and how many are actually too stupid to tell the difference between Hillary and Trump and will vote for Trump basically out of spite.

It still seems that with each passing day, fewer and fewer people care what the die-hard Bernie Bros (including Bernie. Most definitely including the die-hard Bernie-Bro-in-Chief, Bernie) say or do about anything. And I for one am so glad. Take your goons, Bernie, and fade into oblivion with them. Good fucking riddance.

People considering voting Green or Libertarian or another third party still seem not to grasp that they'd be wasting their votes, if not helping the candidates they hate the most, because the US still doesn't have proportional representation like the countries where Green and Libertarian Parties actually have power.

Republicans are still beating the dead Hillary Clinton email horse. They still don't seem to have learned that Kenneth Starr (along with a whole bunch of other Republican creeps and hypocrites and sociopaths) made Bill Clinton MORE popular.

I can't believe I still haven't seen anyone else speculate that Micah X Johnson may have been an innocent patsy, like another man accused of being a sniper in Dallas 42 1/2 years ago and killed before anyone could interrogate him in much detail or with much transparency...

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