Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bernie Running For Prez As A Green! (No, Not Really. Only In Jill Stein's Dreams)

My previous post was just a teeny bit facetious about my reaction to hearing about Bernie planning to endorsing Hillary. Just a teeny bit. The aggravation with Bernie, the wishing he would just go away, the estimation that he has much less power now than if he had endorsed Hillary a month ago, and that the longer he puts it off the more his power shrinks and the less it matters what he does -- those were all sincere. Saying that Cornel West is the only person left who cares what he says or does: that was a slight exaggeration. Of course I want Bernie to endorse Hillary. I just don't care about it nearly as much as I did a month ago, and I believe the same holds true for many other people.

I was serious when I said that I pitied anyone who made plans based on expecting Bernie to say a certain something at a certain time. But I exaggerated how uncertain it seems to me now that Bernie will endorse Hillary, and when. But that still leaves a huge amount of uncertainty about how enthusiastic, memorable, and effective his endorsement will be. I'll be very surprised if Bernie is half as enthusiastic in his support as Barack and Elizabeth and Joe and the Big Dog have been.

In all seriousness: looking over the headlines from the Google News search: bernie endorse hillary, a lot of reporters who presumably have more access to the players than I do are saying that the endorsement will happen on Tuesday, period. So, I guess we'll see about that on Tuesday.

Mixed in will all of those headlines are a few about how Jill Stein has announced that she will step aside as the Green Party Presidential candidate if Bernie wants to take her place. That seems to be latest Last Hope of the Bernie or Bust morons, and the latest additional evidence -- as if more were needed -- that Jill Stein is a moron, who either actually doesn't care whether Hillary or Donald is elected, or would actually prefer Donald.

I'm sure there will be more Last Hopes. Who knows what Last Hope the Busters will dream up next. Who knows if they will ever stop -- I mean literally ever. They might still be dreaming up ways that Bernie could would win the 2016 Presidential election after that election is over. After Hillary has served for 8 years and Michelle has been elected. The Bernie or Busters could still be dreaming up ways that Bernie will win the 2016 election after Bernie is dead, and up until the moment they die themselves.

I'm fairly sure -- fairly sure -- that Bernie will not actually run against Hillary after he's already announced that he'll vote for her. He's inconsistent as Hell, but not quite that inconsistent, not quite that divorced from reality. As I've said for quite some time, the only person who can get Donald elected is Bernie. Bernie running for President as a Green would definitely get Donald elected. But, as much as Bernie despises the party for whose Presidential nomination he competed, it doesn't look as if he actually would run Green and hand the election to Donald out of that spite. Jill could get Donald elected if she had more power. Bernie has that much power but he probably will actually give Hillary some sort of half-assed endorsement, and that, or actually anything else short of him running as a Green, should be enough.

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