Friday, July 1, 2016


I'm not asking because I think the results could affect the Democratic nomination for President: I do math well enough to know that Bernie would need about 75% of the unannounced vote to pull even with Hillary in California. I also do math well enough to realize that even if Bernie had gotten a large majority of all of the votes in California, Hillary still would've gotten nominated by a wide margin. And apparently at that point I already do math better than a lot of people, better than maybe most of them. But that's nowhere near the extent of how well I do math. I knew that Bernie wasn't going to get a large majority in California, in spite of the constant input of non-math-doin' people making big bucks as supposed experts on elections who apparently didn't know it at all. (Some of the people getting big bucks to cover elections knew it was over long before California. I'm not claiming that I do math better than each and every single one of them. It's possible that I do, but not as certain as it was that Hillary had clinched in April.)

There are a lot of non-math-doin' Bernie-or-bust types out there who actually still don't think it's over, who think that the uncounted California votes could still tip it their guy's way, and who are constantly asking why the California vote count is taking so long for that reason. (And constantly answering that question with goofy conspiracy theories.) I'm not one of those. My reason for wanting it to be over is obsessive-compulsive disorder, no more and no less. This has been driving me nuts, for that reason, since election night on June 7. Since then, countless times, I have sputtered, "What could POSSIBLY be taking them so fippn garbl grakk smuu wrand?!"

You may have noticed that the title of this post asks about the California primaries, plural. Even if you've noticed that the percentage of the total of the votes in the Democratic primary which have been publicly announced has been holding steady at 73% for over 3 weeks now, you may not have noticed that for the Republican primary in California (Which also does not affect Trump's status as presumptive nominee.), it's only 62%.

Seriously, though, if anybody actually has some idea when this long national nightmare will be over, please tell me.

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