Saturday, July 2, 2016

Nancy Grace's Departure From HLN Inspires Outpouring Of Hatred From Viewers

Hatred of Grace, that is, and great relief that she's leaving Headline News, along with the fear that she's just going to get another broadcasting gig somewhere else.

The Daily Beast reported on Thursday:

Nancy Grace’s show, the television version of a copy-pasted, all-caps Facebook post about how an army of pot-smoking hip-hop vagrants are always coming to kidnap your daughter, died Thursday. It was too many years old. Good fucking riddance.

I've never been able to stand her show for more than 5 seconds at a time, so I can't really add much of substance to all of the "Good riddance!" commentaries. I haven't seen any statements at all by anyone saying they will miss the Nancy Grace show, so there's nothing for me to comment on in that regard.

Does anybody else remember back when Headline News was actually headline news? There were 7 channels on basic cable, one of them was TBS, one was WGN, one was CNN and one was Headline News, where you could get a complete news, business, sports and nationwide weather summary every half-hour. It was really convenient.

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