Saturday, July 2, 2016

It's Nice That Many Republicans Oppose Trump. BUT --

-- let's not let the GOP off of the hook too easily. Trump is their presumptive Presidential candidate. He didn't hijack that position with statements and policies totally foreign to their party. Let's not forget all of the Republicans who ARE supporting Trump. And even among those who are publicly opposing him, let's not forget how many also deny that climate change is happening, and support subsidies for oil companies, and oppose a woman's right to choose, and gay rights, and vote against each and every piece of gun-control legislation, and how many of them have slashed funding for education and infrastructure, and oppose affirmative action and increases in the minimum wage, and have made it much harder for minorities and poor people to vote by means of legislation concerning voter ID and voting hours and gerrymandering.

Yes, as a Democrat, of course I have to love it when there is so much Republican opposition to the presumptive Republican Presidential candidate.

I just don't want voters to suddenly forget all of that other stuff that Republicans have been standing for.

Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas.

All the nutbag groundless accusations against the Clintons. They investigated Bill for 5 years, and tried to remove him from office for lying about getting a blowjob, because that's all they'd been able to find in 5 years. I'd say Kenneth Starr's investigation is a sterling recommendation of Bill Clinton, and that the Benghazi and email investigations are sterling recommendations of Hillary, because bitter enemies have tried so hard for so long with so many taxpayer-supported resources to find some dirt on them, to find anything, and they've found squat.

And, of course, some of them are only opposing Trump because Trump is election poison in the states or districts in which they're trying to get re-elected. Still others are opposing him only because he says in public things they only say in private.

And, again: we shouldn't forget for one second how many Republicans, from Senators and Governors on down, ARE supporting Trump.

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