Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Anti-Hillary Nonsense Just Never Ends

On Alice Walker's website, Richard Behan alleges that Hillary won the Democratic nomination "because she gamed the nomination process brilliantly," and that Hillary will find her Presidency very uncomfortable because she "will encounter a nationwide rebellion she cannot comprehend and hence cannot address."

According to Behan, Hillary is an evil genius who is too stupid to see what is going on all around her. Stupid evil geniuses are sort of like lazy immigrants who take all of our jobs: entirely imaginary, and you need an underdeveloped imagination to believe that they really exist.

The FBI has finally concluded their investigation of Hillary's email. I believe that, as usual, people will mostly hear what they want to hear: Hillary's supporters will mostly hear that she was exonerated; her opponents will hear that the FBI, although not recommending that charges be brought against, does allege that Hillary was very careless with her email; and a few nuts, from Trump to the Bernie Bros, will say that Hillary secretly runs the FBI. ("Show me some proof of how she runs the FBI." "I can't, she does it secretly, duh!")

I think the truth about Hillary is the opposite of what her enemies say about her: she's good at the day-to-day business of government, and bad at gaming the system and spinning public perception. If she were good at spin, not nearly so much nonsense would stick to her. Why did she lose the West Virginia primary so badly? Because she told West Virginia voters the truth: the coal-mining jobs that have left the area are not coming back. And somehow Bernie spun that into her being out of touch and him being the firebrand truth-teller.

Anyway: in other news, Julian Castro, Secretary of HUD and former Mayor of San Antonio, is being vetted for the Democratic Vice-Presidential nomination. Does this mean Hillary will be making a hard run for the Texas vote? I hope so, and I hope she wins Texas, and I hope Texas turns blue.

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