Saturday, July 9, 2016

THIS JUST IN: A Vague Statement From Bernie Concerning Some Statement Or Other Which He May Or May Not Make At Some Future Date!

According to the Washington Post, it is widely reported that Bernie will endorse Hillary on Tuesday. It is not clear from the Post story whether anybody except Cornel West still actually gives a crap what Bernie will or will not do or when he might or might not do it. The Post reports:

"He stopped short of confirming widely reported plans to offer an endorsement of Clinton at an event in New Hampshire on Tuesday, saying only that 'we’ll have more to say in the very near future.'"

Ah, the dreaded "in the very near future" again. Judging from the way Bernie has been using that phrase lately, "the very near future" could mean next Tuesday, or during the convention, which begins 2 weeks from next Monday, or sometime in 2017, or whenever the Hell Bernie feels like it, if he ever does. As for the rest of the quote, the gullibility of anybody who makes any sort of plans based on Bernie saying "we'll have more to say" saddens me. I won't fall for it again! No! He's hurt me too many times already!

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