Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Michelle Mentions White House Being Built By Slaves, O'Reilly "Responds"

In what right-wing parallel universe is what Bill O'Reilly said a response to what Michelle Obama said? O'Reilly says that the slaves who worked on the construction of the White House were well-fed. Did Michelle, in her Convention speech on Monday, say anything about how they were fed? O'Reilly said that slave labor was used by contractors on the construction, and that non-slave labor was involved as well. Did Michelle say otherwise? and by the way -- so what?

O'Reilly is one of the leaders of conservatism in the US. It'd be one thing if one of the followers said such things, one of those bringing up the rear, intellectually, of the entire group of millions. But no. This jackass, this stupid man, is one of their leaders. Shame on those of us who know our euphemisms from holes in the ground for letting these idiots give us such stiff competition. Shame on us.

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