Thursday, June 9, 2016

Continue Your Campaign, Or Be Helpful, Bernie. You Can't Do Both

Okay: After Bernie met with Barack, he said he would meet with Hillary and work with her to do everything he can to defeat Trump, and he also vowed to continue his campaign on into the convention.

Mother of Sweating Jesus. Bernie, ya gotta pick one: be helpful, or continue your campaign. You can't do both.

I'm not with this whole be-nice-and-gentle-with-Bernie-and-his fanatical-followers approach. As has been pointed out often lately in clear hindsight, the Republican Party's policy of being nice and gentle with the Tea Party nutbags has led directly to Candidate Trump. The Bernie-or-Bust irrationality is a different kind of irrationality from the Te Party-Trump madness, but it is irrationality nevertheless. And it is never good to act as if irrationality is rational, as if irreality is real. The race for the nomination is over. Bernie wasn't cheated out of it, he just lost, that's all. And it wasn't close.

Okay. I don't know what Barack and Bernie talked about, but a couple of hours later, Barack officially endorsed Hillary. Elizabeth Warren will endorse Hillary soon. This primary race is over, and Bernie is behaving like a jackass, and being nice and gentle about it is only encouraging him to continue behaving like a jackass.

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