Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Guess It Shouldn't Surprise Me

Some die-hard Bernie-or-Bust people are saying that the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub is Hillary's fault, and will lead to her losing the Democratic nomination for President.

I guess if you believe that Hillary is history's greatest monster, that she murdered Vince Foster who thought he was her friend, because he was about to say something critical of her, that she intentionally sent US servicemen to their deaths in Ben Ghazi because... for some reason, and that she is a Republican in disguise who works hand-in-glove with Wall Street and Big Oil, and bathes in the blood of virgins and drinks the tears of homeless children... you know: if you believe all of that long list of bullshit that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck say about her, as some of Bernie's supporters clearly do, then of course you would believe that Orlando was Hillary's fault.

Or maybe what I saw was someone making fun of Bernie's supporters and the way they blame everything on Hillary and are constantly saying that the latest tragedy which is her fault will hand the nomination to Bernie. Sometimes it's very hard to tell satire apart from reality.

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