Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It's Going To Be Okay

Chris Hayes and his guests on "All In" are talking about enabling crazy and addictive behavior. They're talking about the Republican Party and how they allowed the right-wing craziness in their party to grow and grow, from the Tea Party to the disaster who is their presumed Presidential candidate, and how they're in denial about how Trump is simply unacceptable as a candidate, and how they need to face the ugly truth and stand up and say that they don't support Trump -- whether it's too late to actually nominate someone else, or not.

But eventually, I think, if Bernie just keeps campaigning and campaigning, people will see the folly of enabling that too, and waiting and waiting for him to face reality in his own time and "make the landing," and reassuring each other that Bernie and all of his top people can do the math (clearly, they can't), and being as nice as possible to him and his die-hard supporters, because that's just enabling craziness and refusing to face it and letting it grow and grow while hoping it goes away somehow, too.

But have you noticed how many of Bernie's supporters are NOT WAITING for Bernie to get behind Hillary? It's encouraging. And there are still enough die-hards left over to follow Bernie around from rally to rally like Deadheads and keep giving him that ego jolt he's apparently become addicted to, without actually affecting the November election.

Everybody wins! Those of us who live in the real world -- including almost all of Bernie's former supporters -- will stop Trump and get on with government, and Bernie and the diehards can keep living in their bubble, saying they're going to flip the superdelegates and go all the way to the White House and that everyone in the world is cheating them. We just won't have to pay any attention to them anymore. We can just separate from them and move on.

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