Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Counting Up More Ways That It's Over

Hillary needs 211 more pledged delegates to have a majority of all pledged delegates. 694 pledged delegates will be awarded in today's 6 primaries. If Hillary gets 30.5% of the vote in these 6 primaries, she will have clinched the majority of pledged delegates. If she gets 50% of the vote today, she will have 136 more than half of all of the pledged delegates. With Washington DC still to go.

The Bernie Bros and Sisters who are talking about winning over some superdelegates are going to have to get hundreds of them to dump Hillary and switch to Bernie. The superdelegates are free to switch anytime they want to. Since Bernie's campaign has started hammering away at this plan of converting the superdelegates -- a couple of months now, ever since it became clear that Bernie was falling far short of the 65% or so of the remaining vote he was going to need over the course of the last couple of months of primaries in order to get the majority in pledged delegates -- in all of that time, only one superdelegate has switched. But not from Hillary to Bernie. Other way around: from Bernie to Hillary. Can anyone name one single superdelegate who currently favors Hillary who is thinking about maybe switching to Bernie? Just one?

More and more comedians are making fun of Bernie's refusal to face the fact that he's lost. So that makes the list of those who are conspiring against Bernie: Wall Street, the Democratic Party establishment, the news media for jumping the gun and saying that Hillary has won -- and now more and more comedians as well. And people who are annoyed by whiny losers who can't admit they've lost. And people who can do math.

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