Saturday, June 4, 2016

If Bernie Wins In California, It Will Mean Hillary Still Clinched It Back In March

If Hillary wins in California, it will still mean that she clinched it back in March.

Bernie keeps talking about winning over superdelegates. The superdelegates have been perfectly free to switch sides whenever they want. Since Bernie has started ramping up the talk of winning superdelegates over to his sides -- since even the math-impaired (including Bernie? Or is he only pretending to be math-impaired? And which would be worse?) have begun to see that it would be impossible for him to get the nomination without a lot of them switching, only 1 superdelegate has switched sides -- from Bernie to Hillary.

Does Bernie not see that the superdelegates are exactly the same people he keeps insulting as part of the crooked establishment that keeps cheating him and his followers? (Or is he only pretending not to see it? And which would be worse?) Why would a Congressperson or Governor say to him- or herself, "Bernie's been verbally abusing me all year -- and now that he's endorsed my opponent in the Democratic primary, he's won me over! I'm going to switch from Hillary to Bernie!"?

That won't happen. That is how far from reality Bernie's campaign is.

Over a year ago I endorsed Hillary, saying:

"Would I rather see Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders be elected POTUS in 2016? Honestly: yes. Does either one of them stand a chance of being elected? Unfortunately: no. This is the thing about politics: it's about compromise. It's constantly about compromise. Without compromise, nothing ever gets done in politics."

Since then I've gotten to know Bernie a lot better, and I no longer would pick him over Hillary if it were just up to me to pick the President, because I see how far Bernie is from political reality. As Barnie Frank pointed out recently in response to Bernie demanding that he be removed from the rules committee (ain't gonna happen. The demand was not reality-based), Bernie has actually accomplished very little in his quarter-century in Congress. Gotten very few bills passed. Just called himself a Socialist (when Frank is actually farther to the Left, to name one example of politicians who've actually passed bills and changed things) and felt smug and let the white people who kept voting him in feel smug, with little justification.

People keep saying that eventually Bernie will be reasonable. God, I hope so. But there's no denying that reasonable would've been dropping out in March. There's been absolutely nothing reasonable, rational, reality-based about him continuing to stay in since then. I hope I'm completely wrong. But it seems to me that our main hope of beating Trump is that enough of Bernie's supporters are reasonable, and drop him without waiting for him to become reasonable. Drop him like a great big heavy red-hot rock.

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