Monday, June 20, 2016

Hannah Luehmann On the Genitalia Of Today's Leftist Men

To paraphrase what Jerry Hall said to Saddam Hussein: If Hannah Luehmann is trying to ask me out, she's going about it all wrong! I was going to link her absurd article in the Welt asking why Leftist men have no balls these days, but I just barely escaped from the Welt website without getting the link after it opened several pop-ups and froze my computer, so: screw you, Hannah Luehmann, and screw the Welt too! (Die Welt is a silly, popular German newspaper.) Look up Luehmann's article at your own risk. I wonder whether the source of Frau Luehmann's sexual frustration with today's generation of Leftist men might have more to do with her than with anything else. I'm really having trouble picturing her getting along great with Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Of course, Fassbinder himself can no longer weigh in on the subject one way or another, so it's just my bitchy opinion again Luehmann's. In conclusion: as John Oliver frequently points out: Donald Trump has tiny little raccoon hands, and Camille Paglia's critics wore me down a while ago.

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