Monday, June 6, 2016

"I Am The Best Candidate To Beat Trump," Bernie Said Today --

" -- and if Hillary still somehow steals the nomination from me, and I have to persuade tens of millions of my followers to vote for Trump, so that he beats Hillary in November, in order to prove that I was right about having been the strongest candidate, it will have been a small price to pay! The main thing is that history will remember that I was cheated!"

Bernie didn't actually say that today. Well -- I HOPE he didn't. I haven't actually followed every single word he's said today. I'm getting kind of tired of following what he says, and I'm not the only one. I'm very tired of others who insist that Bernie will and/or must be the nominee, but it feels like there are fewer of those than there were a couple of days ago. The insistence that Bernie deserves the nomination has been strictly Bizarro-World all along, but it seems like lately, more people are catching on to that.

There's absolutely no doubt, Hillary will have clinched the nomination before they start to count the votes in California tomorrow. She's 26 delegates away from clinching the nomination, and they haven't assigned all of the delegates from Puerto Rico yet. 26 is about 20% of the pledged delegates from New Jersey. 26 would put her over the top, and everybody knows she's going to get a lot more than 20% of the vote in New Jersey.

Everybody also knows that Bernie is ignoring reality, and that if he wins in California, he's going to insist that it means that he still has a chance. That's aggravating enough, because it's simply, obviously untrue. The thing is, though, even if he loses big in California, he's still going to insist that he has a chance. You just know that he is nowhere near ready to act like someone facing reality. (Assuming that it's an act, because he can do the math. Which would be worse -- if he's pretending to be out of touch with reality, or actually is?) Hey, I hope I'm completely wrong and Bernie concedes tomorrow and starts talking about how much better Hillary would be as a President than the Donald. I really hope he does. Starting tomorrow. I'm just not holding my breath.

Luckily, more and more people have noticed that it's over -- better late than never -- and that Bernie's attitude is from Bizarro World. Happily, it seems, more and more people are moving their attention to Hillary vs Trump and not waiting anymore for Bernie to come to terms with reality. Fewer and fewer people have any patience left for the delusions of Bernie and his die-hards. This makes me very happy, but I have very little hope that Bernie will EVER concede. I don't think he's actually made any statements to the effect of the title and first paragraph of this blog post, but what he's actually saying is close enough to what I wrote. That's what made it funny. Great satire is when you take a real situation which is completely absurd, and exaggerate it a little bit. You can easily imagine Bernie actually saying what I said he said above, just as one could easily imagine well-to-do English people actually eating Irish babies back in the mid-18th century when Jonathon Swift published "A Modest Proposal." Like Swift, I must laugh to keep from crying.

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