Sunday, June 5, 2016

It's Not Just Math Bernie And His Gang Are Resisting -- It's Reality

According to CNN, Hillary got 1,308 votes in the Virgin Island caucuses yesterday, or 84.2%, while Bernie received 190 votes, 12.2%. Hillary got all 7 of the Virgin Islands' pledged delegates. 2 of their 5 superdelegates are supporting Hillary and none are supporting Bernie.

If Bernie had gotten 84% of the vote and all of the pledged delegates, he and his supporters would be saying that it proved that he is the stronger candidate and that Hillary should withdraw for the sake of the Democratic Party. They'd say things like: "85% percent of all the Americans who voted yesterday agree that Bernie is the candidate who should face Trump! Clinton is defying the will of 85% of the American people!" and so forth. As it is, if they noticed that there were caucuses in the Virgin Islands yesterday and that Hillary handed Bernie his ass, they will say that it shows how the system is rigged and that caucuses are undemocratic and that Hillary and all the other Democratic insiders are corrupt and that Hillary is a corporate thug and history's greatest monster, and so forth.

I'm so sick of Bernie. I can't imagine that Hillary would ever pick him as her VP, but what do I know. Apparently she hates Barack, or at the very least she did back in 2008, and she's made nice with him for public view, and maybe more than just for public view, what do I know. Maybe the ability to stomach someone like Bernie is an example of why Hillary is a great politician and I am not.

The fantasy-land Bernie and his supporters are living in by continuing his ever more farcical campaign fits with his political career. Remember, he's only been in the Democratic Party for about a year. He only joined because he knew he could make more of a splash with his campaign by using the Democratic Party than if he campaigned as an independent. But he hasn't shown signs of wanting to return the favor and be of use to the party.

What's really strange about him having called himself a Socialist instead of a Democrat until he decided to use the Democratic Party for this Presidential run is that none of his positions were ever to the Left of what could be found within the Democratic Party. It appears that he was an independent and a self-described Socialist (the only Socialist I've ever heard of with no affiliation to any Socialist party) in order to feel special without being special.

Just as in this campaign he wants things which aren't his, and hallucinates that he has them: the will of the American people, a strong mandate, the lion's share of the votes and the delegates if one corrects for all the ways in which he's been cheated. It's all just daydreaming, and I'm sick of it. Politics is very serious, and it calls for people in touch with facts.

We can't judge how widespread his support continues to be just from all the noise made by all of his reality-challenged supporters who make noise at his rallies and on the talking-head news shows, because we don't know how big that bloc of hard-core supporters has ever been compared to the group of all the people who have voted for him. The polls in California are all over the place: some say the primary on Tuesday will be very close, some say that Hillary is way out in front.

And so many mainstream media outlets continue to report on only the polls which say it's close, and to ignore the ones saying it will be a blowout for Hillary. Why do so many of them keep ignoring the polls showing Hillary with a lopsided lead? That's so strange. I'm sick of that, too, frankly, as should any reality-based person be. Some of the press tell us that Bernie's campaign is running out of money. That would seem to indicate that he's running out of support. Perhaps because a significant number of his former supporters are significantly more reality-based than he is, and are tired of this farce?

Well. We'll see what we see today in Puerto Rico and on Tuesday in New Jersey, North Dakoto, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico and California on Tuesday.

That is to say: some of us will see what we see, and those who only see what they want to see will continue to see only what they want to see, whether that's massive popular support for Bernie or massive corruption and rigging behind Hillary, or whatever it is they want to see. What actually happens won't matter to them. It hasn't so far, there's no reason for that to change.

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